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Skill Advancement

As the materials and processes of construction evolve, UBC is striving to provide our industry with the highly trained work force it needs to remain competitive. The bottom line, of course, is jobs. With skilled, safe, productive employees our contractors will continue to win the contracts that keep our members working. By elevating our skills we progress with the times and do honor to the many craftspeople before us who fought so hard that we might have a safe workplace, a fair wage and the opportunity to better our trade and ourselves. Communication with the people we are here to serve, members and contractors alike, will help us determine which classes to develop and provide

Aerial BoomLift/Work Platform Operator.

This is a comprehensive training course designed for both new and experienced Aerial Boomlift ("snorkel lift" ) and Aerial Work Platform ("scissor lift" )operators. Group discussions, workbooks, videos, and hands-on training make this course beneficial to all. This course meets OSHA operator training requirements. A three year qualification card requires a 5 hour update class to renew.

Laser Alignment

This course covers the set up and use of laser alignment systems. You will be using the laser for aligning shaft and coupling drive systems.

Blueprint 1.

Lines, symbols, abbreviations and schedules are studied on residential and commercial blueprints. Three view drawings, details and basic math calculations will be covered. Hands on with actual blueprints & spec books.

Blueprint 2.

Plot plans, foundation plans, architectural and structural plans are studied in this course. Elevation drawings, section drawings, schedules, secondary documents, RFI's, addendums, etc are also presented.

Boom Truck Operator.

This covers the basics of boom truck operations. The classroom and hands-on program stresses the safety skills and professional operations to meet the demands of the construction industry. A three-year Qualification card renews with a four-hour update class.

CPR/First Aid.

This OSHA approved class teaches Airway, Breathing, Circulation assessment and basic CPR Skills, treatment of bleeding, broken bones and other non life-threatening injuries is practiced. A two year card will be issued upon completion.

Fork Lift Operator.

This is a comprehensive training course designed for both new and experienced lift truck operators. Group discussions, work books, videos and hands on training make this course beneficial to all. This course meets OSHA training requirements. A 3 year card requires a 4 hour update to renew.

Mentor Training.

This course provides volunteer mentors with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully mentor a new member of the union and assist with member retention in general. Topics include identifying problems of new members, listening and responding appropriately, communicating clearly and taking advantage of community resource services.


This course describes the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 29 CFR 1926 and identifies the common causes of accidents and fatalities in hazardous areas of construction. Students practice reading OSHA standards, definition of "Competent Person" and application of standards. OSHA- 10 course completion cards do not expire.

Rigging Qualifications.

This course presents proper rigging techniques stressing safety. Harware, procedures, hand signals and equipment are studied along with calculating Working Load Limits. A UBC Qualified Rigger card will be issued upon completion of this course (expires: 3 years).

Scaffold User.

This sourse meets OSHA training requirements for all people that work on scaffolding. The class covers scaffold type, common hazards and safety regulations. UBC Qualified Scaffold User cards are issued.

STP-S Supervisor.

This course covers the in-between nature of a supervisor's role; what is expected from a supervisor vs. a crew member; adjusting from being a producer to being a supervisor.

STP-3 Problem Solving & Decision Making.

This course covers the sources of construction problems and barriers to identifying problems. It's better to prevent problems than to solve them.

STP-4 Contract Documents.

The purpose of this class is to help supervisors effectively use job related documents, such as peripheral documents, secondary documents, and integrating specifications and drawings. This course also covers the basic principles of contract law. Book

STP-5 Scheduling & Planning.

This course covers the sources of construction problems and barriers to identifying problems. It's better to prevent problems than to solve them.

STP-6 Cost Awareness & Production Control.

This course covers the sources of construction problems and barriers to identifying problems. It's better to prevent problems than to solve them.

Survey and Layout I.

This course covers 3-4-5 layout techniques, builders level, auto level and transit. Reading elevations with an instrument and laying down lines will be covered and practiced.

Survey and Layout II.

This course covers use of Transit and Theodolite survey instruments Layout of angles, elevations, points and grades will be practiced along with layout math.

Welding Lab.

This course is for those who wish to eventually certify in stick or wire (3-G & 4-G or Light Gauge) or those who want to practice their welding skills. AWS certifications may be issued in 1" unlimited, 3/8" and light gauge.

Welding Principles.

This introduction course covers both oxyacetylene and arc welding. Training includes class discussion on weld theory, safety, practical use of welding, various types of rod, weld symbols, procedures, welding machines and their applications.

Westinghouse OHSA.

This safety course is a requirement with the Westinghouse 24 hour course agreement. To be able to work on Westinghouse Turbines. This course also qualifies as an OSHA- 10 hour.

Comet I

Organizing, involving all Union members.

Welding Advanced

This course covers some theory with greater emphasis placed on out-of-position carbon steel welding with shielded-metal arc process. E-6010, E06013 and E-7018 electrodes will be used exclusively. Various joints and joint preparation will also be covered.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)

This course will use a TIG machine and/or TIG torch to weld carbon steel and stainless steel.

Plasma Arc Cutting

This course is designed to familiarize the participant in Plasma Arc Cutting using a hypertherm machine to cut various thickness carbon steel and stainless steel.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)/Flux Cored Arc Welding

This course is designed to familiarize the participant in both GMAW and FCAW welding using a millermatic 200 welding machine.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Hazardous Communication

This course covers training requirements of OSHA 1910-1200, except those dealing with the employer's job-specific chemical hazard information. Participants learn to read MSDS, and to recognize chemical hazards on the job.

Comet II


Westinghouse Turbine.

This course is a functional description of the components on most Westinghouse Turbines engines for inspections, maintenance and rebuild, as per agreement between Westinghouse and UBC.

Welding Certification

The procedures, standards and qualifications of welder certification testing are in accordance with the American Welding Society, Structural Welding Code AWS D1.1 American National Standard. The plate groove test welded in the 3G(Vertical) and 4G (Overhead) welding positions will qualify the welder to weld up to and including 3/4" plate.


Introduction to Personal Computers: hands-on training At the end of the course, participants will be able to: define terms, identify keys, use the mouse and keyboard to execute commands, define windows and show how to access programs, and demonstrate creating, editing, enhancing and saving a document


This practical course will teach you how to use the computer for work and home. In this course you will learn the following: The use of two popular and powerful programs: Word and Excel Introduction to the Internet Use Microsoft Excel to create time sheets, make and keep work-hour records, track inventory control, etc. Use Microsoft Word to write resumes, cost proposals, safety bulletins, etc


This is an introductory course Students will learn about the operating system, the AutoCAD environment and the commands. Lab exercises are an integral part of the course Students will produce prototype drawings that will be plotted or printed


This is a practical, computer-based course on scheduling for construction projects, covering: Relationship between project requirements and the schedule Using industry standard software to produce convincing schedules Logical ways to arrive at the overall time frame for a project Use of the schedule to predict manpower requirements

This is only a partal list. Call your local UBC Training Center and get yourself upgraded.

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